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By Dr. Saphire & Dr. Rudowsjky
March 08, 2016
Category: Podiatry
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Heel pain can be very uncomfortable; in some cases, you may be unable to put weight on the affected foot. The pain can be due to a variety of causes - plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, or fractures. Once you've visited Parkway Podiatry and your Brooklyn podiatrist, Dr. Gary Saphire or Dr. Asher Rudowsky, has diagnosed the source of your heel pain, it's time to start treatment to get you back on your feet. Heel PainHere's how:

Conservative treatments

If your heel pain is due to inflammation from plantar fasciitis or a bone spur, your Brooklyn podiatrist will usually try some traditional treatment methods first. This can include rest and propping the foot up, icing the area to reduce the swelling and pain, and taking analgesics like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. During your visit to Parkway Podiatry, your Brooklyn podiatrist may show you various flexing and stretching techniques that can gently exercise the area. Often, simple treatments like these are enough to allow for healing of most heel pain causes.

Moderate treatments

If heel pain continues even after the above measures have been taken, your Brooklyn podiatrist may inject the area with cortisone, a hormone with anti-inflammatory properties. Shock wave therapy may also be effective, especially for those who have heel pain associated with exercise.

Surgical treatments

If all other methods fail to bring relief from heel pain, your Brooklyn podiatrist may recommend surgery to remove the source of pain. Surgery may be the first line of treatment for those with serious heel fractures.

As you can see, the treatment of your heel pain depends largely on the cause behind it and the extent of the damage. If you've been dealing with heel pain and you live in the Brooklyn, New York area, don't hesitate to call Parkway Podiatry to receive a thorough evaluation from one of our skilled podiatrists.