Diabetic Foot Care Tips - Parkway Podiatry

Around half of the 28 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes will develop peripheral neuropathy or the loss of feeling in the extremities. However, this loss of sensation does not directly cause the development of wounds or sores in the feet. But because we remain unaware of wounds or skin breakages, it can become infected and develop into more serious medical complications.

Diabetes and your Feet

Losing sensation in your feet could develop over time with diabetes. When this happens we are unable to identify if we have been cut by a sharp stone or if a blister has developed. Diabetes can also negatively affect blood flow to the feet. It denies the feet of vital nutrients and antibodies to fight infection.

Proper foot care for diabetics only sets you back a few minutes. But it is a must especially for diabetics who experience:

Physical changes in the feet (shape, color)

Wounds, blisters and skin breakages that don’t heal

Tingling or numbness

The doctors at Parkway Podiatry specialize in diabetic foot care. Consult with a doctor if a wound or blister does not heal after a few days.

Foot Care Tips

Visibly inspect your feet

Check for cuts, wounds or blisters that might have developed over the day. This should be done every time you reach home and remove your shoes. Use a mirror or call the help of a family member to assist you if you are unable to fully inspect your feet.

Use lotions or moisturizes to keep your feet soft

Rubbing on a hard surface such as your socks can cause blisters. Prevent this by applying a moisturizer or lotion. Avoid placing lotion between your toes, this can be an ideal breeding ground for infection.

Trim your nails regularly

This should be done if you are able to see your toes and nails completely. This prevents you from accidentally cutting into the skin and creating a wound.  

Protect your feet by wearing shoes and socks

Wearing shoes and socks prevents direct contact with the ground which may contain small rocks or sharp edges which can cause wounds.

Check for corns and calluses

Never cut corns and calluses. Check with your podiatrists for safe methods to remove excessive skin on your feet.

Proper foot care is essential for diabetics. The loss of sensation in our feet denies us vital feedback mechanism on our feet’s current condition. It takes only a split second for a cut to develop and get infected. At Parkway Podiatry  located in Brooklyn, NY, we specialize in helping people foot problems related to diabetes.  To schedule an appointment call 718-236-5253.