Learn how orthotics could make physical activities easier and comfortable again.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, there are many people who can benefit from orthotics. In fact, you don’t evenOrthotics have to be physically active in order to enjoy the many advantages that getting orthotics from your Brooklyn, NY podiatrists Drs. Gary Saphire and Asher Rudowsky can afford you. Find out what conditions orthotics can improve and whether they are right for you.

What is orthotics?

These orthopedic inserts help to provide additional support to the foot and to alter the foot’s function to treat or reduce symptoms associated with common foot disorders. While you can purchase over-the-counter orthotics at your local drugstore, they don’t offer the same superior fit, comfort and treatment that prescription orthotics from your Brooklyn, NY podiatrist can. In fact, many of these commercial orthotics can actually make conditions worse.

What are the different kinds of orthotics?

There are two main types of orthotics: functional and accommodative. Functional orthotics are used to support the foot, provide shock absorption while running or walking and to stabilize the foot and ankle. They can also be used to correct foot deformities. These orthotics are often made from more rigid materials like plastic polymer.

Accommodative orthotics, on the other hand, are often made from softer materials and are used on patients who are experiencing foot pain, shin splints, and gait problems to help reduce discomfort.

When are orthotics right for me?

Many patients, no matter what their age, can often benefit from wearing orthotics. Orthotics is a great way to reduce pain and discomfort and correct foot structure. There are many conditions that are indicative of a foot misalignment. If you are dealing with any of these issues than it might be time to talk to your podiatrist in Brooklyn, NY about orthotics:

  • Bunions
  • Heel, knee or lower back pain
  • Flat feet
  • Recurrent ankle sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Arthritis
  • Gait abnormalities

Ready to find out if orthotics could improve your foot health? We want to help make your day-to-day activities easier on you, so call your Brooklyn, NY podiatrist at Parkway Podiatry and give your feet the tender loving care they so deserve.