Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries - Parkway Podiatry

Living an active lifestyle should be part of our health regimen. But this can also place us at greater risk for foot and ankle injuries. Sports activities such as running, basketball or any sport that requires explosive movements are high risk factors for injuries. But this should not stop us from pursuing an active lifestyle. Warming up and other precautionary measures can helps us reap the benefits of living actively without the risk of foot and ankle injuries.

Warm Up

Get your feet and ankles ready by loosening it up with warm up exercises. A few minutes of stretching for example sends nutrients and energy to the bones and muscles.  Stretching is like providing your feet and ankles with lubricants that reduces the pressure on these areas.

Body Conditioning

If you’re ready to move to the next level or planning to do a marathon, conditioning your muscles is a must. Build your strength gradually. Placing too much stress on the foot and ankles too soon can cause injury.  Toning and building your muscles help support the foot and ankle during strenuous activities.

Selecting the Right Pair of Sports Shoes

Shoes are designed to meet the requirements of different sport disciplines. Selecting the right pair of shoes for your sport reduces your risk for feet and ankle injury. This is because the type of sport you engage in has a unique physical requirement. Running and playing basketball are two different sports that require its own type of shoe to support the activity. Consult a podiatrist for any signs of foot or ankle injury. The doctors at Parkway Podiatry are podiatrists that specialize in helping people with foot conditions.

Avoid Running on Uneven or Rough Surfaces

Running on unfamiliar terrain or uneven surfaces increases your risk for injury. Rocky terrain and loose gravel is prone to slips. Choose you terrain carefully. If you have foot problems then choosing a dirt road for its softer surface is preferable to concrete roads.

Provide support for previous injuries

A history or recurring ankle or foot injury require additional support when performing strenuous activities. Place a brace or sports tape around the ankles or foot to prevent injury.

Replace worn our shoes

Our feet and ankles are not meant to last forever and so are our shoes. Worn out shoes may have lost its usefulness when it foot support has worn down. Check your shoes for damage and replace accordingly. Pain is an early indication of a foot or ankle injury. At Parkway Podiatry  located in Brooklyn, NY, we specialize in helping people suffering from foot injuries.  To schedule an appointment call 718-236-5253.