Foot conditions and disorders are just some of the common maladies people face in their senior years. This can be caused by the many physical changes that happen as we age. Our muscles loss mass and bones become weaker. This makes the possible of foot injury a constant danger among seniors.

Poor eyesight and weak muscles makes seniors prime candidates for falls and accidents. This is why seniors are advised to take advantage of assistive devices such as cranes and handrails. Prevention is still the best way of preventing foot injuries. This is especially true for seniors who don’t heal as quickly as their younger counterparts.

Foot Care Tips for Seniors

Consult a podiatrist if you have previous history of foot injury. Injuries that failed to heal completely could show their symptoms at our later years. Degenerative diseases such as arthritis are fairly common among the elderly The doctors at Parkway Podiatry specialize in helping seniors with foot disorders.

Discuss with your doctor if any of your medications have side effects that can affect your sense of balance.

Wear non-skip shoes and sandals to avoid slips. Falls can lead to broken bones which are harder to heal in our senior years.

Engage in light exercises such as walks to increase foot strength. This does not only keep your feet healthy but also promotes better circulation.

Proper foot care is essential for diabetics. Check your feet regularly for ulcers and blisters that can lead to infection.

Trim your toe nail straight across and avoid cutting it too short. Trimming your toes too short can lead to the formation of an ingrown toenail.

Wear footwear that offer additional foot support. The loss of tissue mass in the feet negatively affects its load carrying capacity.

Peripheral neuropathy or the loss of sensation in the feet can be caused by poor circulation. Regular foot massages and elevating the feet when resting improves blood circulation in the feet.

Avoid cold surfaces and always keep your feet warm and dry. Use socks and sandals if necessary.

Treating foot disorders in the elderly can be complicated. This is why proper foot care should be included in our daily habits.

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