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March 13, 2015
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Although the source of discomfort in your heels may be something internal, such as a bone spur or plantar fasciitis, certain habits can cause heel pain. What you wear, how you move, or even what you're eating may contribute to the uncomfortable feelings in your Heel Pain.

Heel Pain


People who spend a lot of time standing, like those in the retail and service industries, may notice their heels are extremely sore at the end of the day. Wearing properly fitted, supportive shoes provide a more comfortable, cushioned foundation for those who need to be on their feet for long periods of time. Women who wear high-heeled shoes frequently can also experience a wide variety of foot problems, including heel pain. Although cushioned inserts can help, it's best to alternate wearing high-heeled shoes with flats to give your feet a break.


Being obese (defined as having an excessive amount of body fat) is a systemic issue, affecting all of the organs and their functions. It also puts extra strain on the feet and ankles, as they are not designed to support a disproportionate amount of weight. This can cause pain and difficulty walking or standing. Maintaining a balanced diet and introducing a moderate amount of exercise into your daily routine will help alleviate many of the problems caused by obesity.


While exercise is beneficial to the entire body, certain repetitive activities tend to put too much stress on the feet. Frequent running or jogging can result in stress fractures of the foot bones, especially if the person is exercising on hard surfaces. The overuse of these bones can cause tiny fissures to develop on the bones' surfaces. Depending on where the fracture is located, heel pain may be present during activity and taper off with rest. Your Brooklyn podiatrist will be able to determine the location and extent of a stress fracture with an x-ray or bone scan.

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