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By Parkway Podiatry
July 18, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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Your podiatrist in Brooklyn provides many services which keep your feet and ankles healthy, comfortable and functioning. After all, your ankle surgerydaily activities, sports and recreation depend on them. When pain, deformity or injury interfere with life, Dr. Gay Saphire and Dr. Asher Rudowsky perform examinations to determine if surgery could help. Learn what kinds of surgeries they perform at Parkway Podiatry in Brooklyn, NY.

What your podiatrist in Brooklyn does

Basically, every podiatric patient wants to move well without pain or problems with balance and gait. That's why your podiatrists in Brooklyn recommend annual foot examinations. For diabetics with who have compromised circulation and nerve function, in-office check-ups should be more frequent.

For all patients, Dr. Saphire and Dr. Rudkowsky check for conditions such as fungal or ingrown toenails, deformities such as hammertoes and bunions, calluses and corns, swelling and range of motion issues. Then, they formulate comprehensive care plans to maintain good podiatric health and to address any issues found on examination.

Why someone would need foot or ankle surgery

There are many reasons why someone would need foot or ankle surgery. Fortunately, both Dr. Saphire and Dr. Rudowsky are highly qualified and experienced in the simplest to the most complex of lower extremity operations. So you know your health is in good hands.

Examples of foot and ankle surgeries include:

  • Removal of ingrown toenails
  • Diabetic wound debridement (removal of diseased tissue)
  • Limb salvage (to avoid amputation)
  • Foot and ankle reconstruction for congenital deformity or repair after traumatic injury
  • Joint fusion and joint replacement (due to arthritis in the ankle, for instance)
  • Removal of heel spurs and bunions
  • Correction of hammertoes
  • Corn and callus removal
  • Metatarsal surgery (to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis)
  • Plantar fascia release (to change the point of attachment between the heel bone and the connective tissue which stretches across the foot)
  • Morton's Neuroma removal (this is a benign thickening of the nerves between the toes)

There are many other reasons, of course. Your podiatrist carefully considers the cause of your condition or injury, your overall health, the severity of the condition and how soft and hard tissue are involved. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, your foot doctor uses physical examination, biomechanical gait analysis, X-rays, and a review of your symptoms to arrive at a final decision and treatment plan.

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If foot or ankle surgery is in your future, you can trust the professional team at Parkway Podiatry to get you moving again. Please call the office with any questions or concerns you may have or to book a routine foot exam: (718) 236-5253.