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The foot undergoes several changes during our childhood years. This is the time when the different feet structures mature and develop. Parents understand this but it can also lead to us ignoring signs and symptoms of a foot disorder in our children. We might mistake these symptoms as part of growing up or growing pain.

Most child foot disorders require conservative treatments. This can easily be corrected by using therapeutic shoes or proper foot care. A podiatrist can help identify the best course of treatment and how to stop this from coming back. The doctors at Parkway Podiatry specialize in helping children suffering from foot disorders.

Signs and Symptoms

Consult a podiatrist if foot pain becomes chronic or does not go away with rest. This can be an indication of a foot injury.

Pain while walking, running, jumping or standing for long periods of time

A change in your child’s gait

Swelling and tenderness

Skin discoloration

Unusual skin growths

Foot and joint stiffness

Children may have a harder time expressing how they feel. This is why a parent should take special attention to any changes in their children’s feet.

Common Foot Conditions

Sever’s Disease - a child’s feet is more flexible and resilient compared to an adults foot making it less likely to suffer an injury. This stage sees bones undergo fast growth which outpace the development of surrounding muscles and tissues. This can cause tension and tightness. Children who actively participate in sports have a higher risk for developing severe heel pain. This is because the heels are the last structures to fully develop.

Flat Feet – is fairly common in children as the foot structures has not reached full development. While this might not be a cause of major concern, it can cause foot pain and discomfort. Flat foot can lead to foot problems in their adult years. This is due to the feet’s inability to properly support our body weight. Using shoes that provide additional support and promote proper arch development is a good way of ensuring that the feet is able to provide weight support in our adult life.

In-toeing and Out-toeing – these are harder to detect since it does not manifest any physical changes in the feet. Some children may have toes that angle inwards or outwards. But this should not be an area of huge concern since children are able to correct this when they reach the age of 8. However, for children with more pronounced conditions, a visit to a podiatrist is recommended for corrective treatment.

At Parkway Podiatry  located in Brooklyn, NY, we specialize in helping children with foot disorders.  To schedule an appointment call 718-236-5253.