Trauma Injuries

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Trauma injuries to your feet or ankles shouldn’t limit your mobility long-term. At Parkway Podiatry in Brooklyn, New York, Gary Saphire, DPM, offers his patients the care they need to heal from their traumatic injuries completely. Dr. Saphire and his staff routinely help patients in and around the Bensonhurst and Gravesend neighborhoods who are recovering from sprains, fractures, or other types of foot and ankle injuries. To start your personalized treatment plan, call the office, or schedule your appointment online today.

Trauma Injuries Q & A

What is a trauma injury?

A traumatic injury is any injury that was caused suddenly and requires medical care. For example, twisting your ankle is a traumatic injury. One moment your ankle was completely healthy. Then, a misstep or tripping over an object results in pain. 

Traumatic injuries are always unwelcome, but they’re especially problematic in your feet and ankles because they limit your mobility. Some of the most common podiatric traumatic injuries include:

  • Ligament injuries
  • Tendon injuries (e.g., Achilles tendonitis)
  • Ankle sprains
  • Fractures bones
  • Broken bones

Getting the right care for your trauma injury helps you get back to your daily routine faster and with less pain. In fact, proper care can mean the difference between pain that lingers for years and full healing in a matter of weeks. 

How are these traumatic injuries treated?

It depends on the type of trauma injury you’ve experienced. 

Dr. Saphire personalizes a treatment program to you and your injury. For example, if you’ve experienced a mild ankle sprain, he may treat it by immobilizing the area for a set period, allowing it to heal. Ice and elevating the ankle also support the healing process.

More severe trauma injuries, like broken or fractured bones, require more involved care. Dr. Saphire talks with you about your treatment options. 

What happens if I need surgery?

If surgery is required, Dr. Saphire uses the most minimally invasive procedure possible. He’s an expert in arthroscopic surgery, which is performed through several tiny incisions. He uses an endoscope — a long, thin surgical instrument with a camera at the end — to see the surgery site through that incision. 

Performing your surgery arthroscopically minimizes the risk of complications during your procedure, during your healing process, and your postoperative pain levels. What’s more, because the incisions used to perform your procedure are so small, you should have little to no scarring. Whenever possible, Dr. Saphire treats traumatic injuries that require surgery with this minimally invasive technique.  

Don’t let the pain from your trauma injury linger. Get the individualized care you need to heal fully — and fully reclaim your quality of life — by calling Parkway Podiatry or booking your appointment online.